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The exceptional quality and leading strength training equipment built for full-body strength, mobility, muscle growth and core strength. Suspension Trainers force you to integrate your core and glutes, building core strength and ideal for cross fit athletes and for the home gym. The beauty of suspension training is that everyone, from the rookie to the powerlifter, can benefit and this Suspension Trainer is compact enough to throw in your gym bag. Built for both upper-body pushing and pulling exercises, such as Push-Ups and Inverted Rows, and lower-body exercises, like Dynamic Squats, this is the perfect bit of kit to build on full body muscle and joint strength, muscle tone, and fat burning.


Kit Contents Includes:


Suspension Trainer – The strongest, safest, and most durable suspension trainer.... please view the photos to see the quality of construction for years of use and your safety.


Rubber Handles with Foot Loops – Durable, comfy and easy to clean with an anti-slip design.


Door Anchor – Train at home on any decent quality door and frame. Simply hook behind the door, close, and use your full body weight. 


Suspension Anchor  – Train outside and hook onto any decent anchor point.


Strap Extender – Lock the suspension trainer to any high or large diameter anchor point, such as a girder, horizontal pole, wooden beam/joist.


Meshed Carry Bag – Very compact, conveniently take the suspension trainer wherever you need.


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