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Wireless Bike Speedometer - Bike Speedo Odometer

Sales price € 12.99
NEW 2011 - Wireless Bike Speedometer - Bike Speedo Odometer

With this wireless speedometer you don't need to install any wires, just clip the receiver on the fork, the magnet on the wheel spoke, and attach the main speedo to the handlebars and away you go - full instructions are included although you probably wont need them as its very easy to do :) Wireless Bicycle speedometer monitors your bicycle speed, distance and time accurately. 14 functions includes Speed, average speed, maximum speed, Clock, traveling time, tripdistance, total distance odometer, Wheel circumferebce settings, Auto start/stop, Manual start/stop, km/mile, Autoclear, 12/24 hours conversion and Scan. Wireless design is more convenient and good looking. Water proofed for use on rainy days. Ideal for bicycle training and doing exercise. Specifications: Current speed. Average speed. Maximum speed. Relative speed. Speed indicator. Speed comparator (current/average speed). Riding time. Riding distance. Odometer. Clock (12/24 hour). Scan. Metric and imperial (MPH and KMH). Water resistant. Auto start/stop. Features: - You can use either KMH or MPH - The maximum speed display is 99MPH - Fits all wheel sizes, adjustable in settings menu - Speedo just clicks off to avoid theft - Ideal fitting for suspension forks Package Contents: 1 x Wireless bike speedometer. 1 x Transmitter sensor. 1 x Magnet. 2 x Cable ties. 1 x Cr2032 battery.

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