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Yoga for beginners, relaxation exercise, weight loss, stress rel

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Learn how to do Yoga for beginners with this excellent instructional DVD Video. Yogo is an ancient art from India which, rather than concentrate on one health benefit, incorporates many health benefits which contribute to a much higher state of health and well being. Incorporating physical, mental and spiritual exercise disciplines, common benefits include weight loss, stress relief, mental well being and musculo-skeletal improvements. Strengthening postures make it an ideal exercise to improve back muscles and reduce back pain. Energy levels are increased to help you cope better with day to day activities. Calories are burnt facilitating weight loss and muscle toning. Circulation is improved, which has a beneficial on many physical complaints. Yoga also facilitates anti-aging ! You will learn about yoga positions using audio and video demonstrations, facilitating you to learn the positions in an enjoyable way. This DVD is approximately 75 minutes long.

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