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BORN - Sports Care and Nutrition

The foundation for BORN Sportscare BV has been laid in 1985. The initially developed product concepts led to a true revolution in the field of sports nutrition and body care. Finally there was an alternative for filling bottles with liquid baby nutrition! The man behind these developments was Drs. Wim Jennen (1957-2005). As a brand new graduate pharmacist, he was able to combine his knowledge and skills with practice: he was a more than meritorious cyclist (including a silver medal at the Universiade in Edmonton in 1983 and a member of the famous Dutch Amstel cycling team) and he had the knowledge to develop products that were tailored to a sports body. The development of the products began in a pharmacy, located in a town called ... Born, The Netherlands.

  • over 30 products are developed since 1985
  • Sports nutrition and body care under a single brand name.
  • The BORN products are developed in collaboration with top athletes.

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