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Try our power suspension trainer. Similar to a TRX, it is easy to use and very effective during arm and core training. The Suspension Trainer is a specially designed training aid to effectively target and strengthen your core muscles while improving flexibility. The durable straps allow the body to be suspended (feet/hands) which forces the user to engage their core consistently throughout the workout which helps to build strength and endurance. The versatile nature of the Suspension Trainer allows the user to undertake a diverse range of exercises that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Portability is a key feature of the Suspension Trainer as it is easily transported in a carrier bag making exercise possible in any indoor or outdoor environment. This efficient training kit is ideal for those who travel and find in difficult to make time for a busy fitness schedule. Specifications: Durable rubber handles Adjustable strap Carrier Bag Benefits: Engage core muscles Portable to allow workout on the go Improve strength and flexibility Suitable for all levels of fitness

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