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Body Beast - Full DVD Fitness Set

Sales price: € 59.00
Body Beast - Full DVD Fitness Set

BODY BEAST WORKOUT How bad do you want it? If you want a rock-hard body that gets attention—commit to Body Beast™. Chicks won't be able to take their eyes off you. Guys will ask how you got so ripped. Train with world-class bodybuilder Sagi Kalev, and you can pack on up to 20 pounds of lean muscle in just 90 days. Guaranteed or your money back less any s&h.** But only if you're committed to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES. Commit to getting huge. With Body Beast. Body Beast gives you 12 body-bulking workouts that'll have you grunting, cursing, and begging for mercy. And because you need to eat right to get big, it also includes Sagi's in-depth eating plan. This is based on cutting-edge muscle growth science, so don't expect some wimpy lettuce wedge diet. Be prepared to eat like never before, and then eat some more. Get ready to EAT LIKE A MAN. Crush. Grow. Get the girls. With Body Beast. You've never pushed your muscles to grow like this. Body Beast takes the best of old-school and new-school bodybuilding and fuses it with a breakthrough in sports science called Dynamic Set Training™. Take on Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and more to exhaust your muscles, recruit more muscle fibers, and even kick your testosterone levels into overdrive. Following Sagi's lead, you'll drive yourself to the edge—every time. You know that body you want? You'll pay for it in pain. But one look from one hot girl and you'll know it's worth it.

7 DVDs Includes: 12 Workouts The Book of Beast, including nutritional plan and supplement instructions Body Beast training schedules

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